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Pentest Tools

This page contain list of tools used for Pentest

Learn Pentesting

CompTIA CompTIA PenTest+ is for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management.
TCM security Academy TCM Security is a cybersecurity company that provides services for penetration testing, security training, and compliance services.
TryHackMe Learn by following a structured paths and reinforce your skills in a real-world environment by completing guided, objective-based tasks and challenges.

Frameworks and VMs

Trace Labs OSINT VM The Trace Labs team created a specialized OSINT VM specifically to bring together the most effective OSINT tools and customized scripts we saw being used during our Search Party CTF’s
Kali LinuxThe most advanced Penetration Testing Distribution
Slingshot Designed to be stable, reliable and lean, Slingshot is built with Vagrant and Ansible. It includes many standard pen testing tools, as well as the PenTesters Framework (PTF). Course-specific builds include all of the tools, files and documentation needed for class labs..

Initial LookUp

view dnsDNS Lookup (A, NS, MX, TXT, CNAME, etc.), reverse ip lookup, ip geolocation check, traceroute, ping ip or website, check if site is down and Whois Lookup
ShodanSearch Engine for the Internet of Everything
have i been pwned? Check if your email or phone is in a data breach
SpiderFoot Automate OSINT
Netlas Discover, Research and Monitor any Assets Available Online