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CCNA Notes

CCNA exam study notes

  1. Get familiar with networking terms
  2. Cisco IOS Basics
  3. Basics : Network Cabling
  4. Basics: Network services
  5. General Cisco Commands
  6. Basic cisco Troubleshooting Commands
  7. Basic commands for configuring a router.
  8. Privileged Mode commands of a router
  9. Cisco: "Show Version" command
  10. Setting Passwords on router
  11. Basics : Commonly Used Port Numbers
  12. Basic Security Best Practices for networking
  13. Subnetting made easy
  14. Basic: Cisco IP Commands
  15. Notes on Administrative Distance and Metric
  16. VLAN explained with Interview Questions
  17. VTP explained with Interview Questions
  18. Spanning-tree protocol Notes with Interview Questions
  19. MST(Multiple Spanning-tree protocol) Notes and configuration
  20. How to Configure Protected Ports (Switching)
  21. Passive Interface (RIP,OSPF and EIGRP) explained with interview questions
  22. CCNA / CCNP Interview questions
  23. Short Notes on IPv6
  24. OSI Reference model notes with interview questions
  25. Short note on RIP with Interview Questions
  26. Basic Notes on OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
  27. OSPF neighbors
  28. OSPF DR and BDR election
  29. What is Poison Reverse and split-horizon?
  30. How to configure Static Routes,Default routes,Floating static routes
  31. Difference between Linkstate and distance vector protocols
  32. Difference between the ip default-gateway, ip default-network, and ip route commands?
  33. OSPF Network Types
  34. The Cisco Three-Layered Hierarchical Model
  35. Basics : Common Networking terms
  36. EIGRP Notes with Interview Questions
  37. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
  38. Access List notes: Numbered and Named ACL
  39. Quick reminder about HSRP
  40. Cisco password recovery
  41. What is NetFlow?
  42. What is Loop Guard
  43. CCNA (200-120) Quick Notes before exam